Eco-Tite® Shrink Bags

Lean, Green and Beautifully Clean

Eco-Tite® Shrink Bags

Totally PVdC-free, Eco-Tite® high-barrier shrink bags use 36% less packaging material than conventional shrink bags, while requiring less space and cost to transport. Yet they deliver equal, even superior, shrink, sealability, barrier and abrasion resistance. And, with a wide sealing window and superior sealing properties, Eco-Tite® bags meet sustainability goals without sacrificing line performance.


A recent Eco-Efficiency Analysis from BASF shows the following sustainability benefits of Eco-Tite® shrink bags:


Eco-Tite® Shrink Bags Analysis
  Curwood asked BASF Corporation—the company known for “Helping Make Products Better”— to conduct its award-winning Eco-Efficiency Analysis on Eco-Tite® shrink bags and similar products. The results? Find out now!
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